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Frequency, Drone location and Abandonment point issues


I have many times noticed that while using Map Pilot App, the defined frequency of 2.8 Ghz (best for my area) is automatically changed to 5.8 on my P4P. In addition after completing the 1st Flight of a multiple flights mission the "Current Drone Location is Invalid " message always appears inspite of the drone takeoff location hasn't changed. Why?
Finally; the abandonment point doesn't always appear or be registered on the flight track upon the battery has reached the RTH Triggering level. Thus; the aircraft isn't able to resume from that point which is causing an issue.


Zahi Khawand

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Map Pilot does not control the frequency that is used. This might be a default within the SDK.

Make sure that you always allow enough time before taking off after changing out the battery. Watch the aircraft for the green blinks and for the red triangle to show up before attempting to take off.

We will look into the battery issue. Hopefully they didn't change the codes for returning home.

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