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New issues.

We are currently using iPad Mini 2s and Phantom 4s. We are having some issues:

App crashes and the drone continues and finishes the flight plan but doesn't take any pictures after the app crashing. 

The drone is skipping taking pictures so we don't have enough overlap to stitch the photos. 
I have also used an iPhone 7 and haven't had any of these problems? 

Seaver Hall

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First of all, make sure that all other drone related apps are closed.


The aircraft has been programmed so it continuing on is the expected behavior. If this continues to be a problem and you are missing data you can use the Connectionless mode to make the aircraft trigger the camera instead of the mobile device. 

DJI has added a lot of behind the scenes logging in the most recent updates and that is making it hard for some older devices to keep up since the CPU is busy taking their log data in addition to everything else. 

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Hello I'm having the same probleme with Ipad mini 4 and Mavic pro, app suddenly close the drone continue the mission without taking photos.

Tony Yamin (Gmail) 0 votes
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