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MapPilot iOS csv log file picture event


I have downloaded my latest DJI Mavic Pro flight log from MapPilot App, I would like to understand the meaning of two of the events listed under the "App_Tip" column, the first one is an event named "Photo" and the second event is named as the JPG file name taken by the drone camera (i.e. DJI_0226.jpg).

What is the difference between those two?

When is the drone camera shutter actually released, in "Photo" event or in the file name event?

Is the position (lat/long) given in the CSV corrected for the latency listed in the "LastUpdate (ms)" column?

What should I trust the most, the position / time in the JPG EXIF or the position / time in the Map Pilot CSV file?

Many thanks


Isaac H. E.

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The "Photo" annotation is when the image is taken. The filename that follows it is the file that got created at the previous "Photo" location. 

The EXIF is likely more correct than the log file since there are a lot of time lags involved in the transmission. 

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