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Moving the Live View

Hello Zane;

Is it possible to move the Live View Window to another location in order to be able to Monitor both the TERRAIN AWARE and LIVE VIEW windows at the same time?

From the other hand please note that the Remote and Video Signals aren't changing at all (always 100% and all the Firmwares and App are up to date on the P4P and iPad mini4). In addition the Live view on my iphone 6 is normal while I don't know why it is so weak on the new ipad Mini 4 (Distorted, Half Grey sometimes even if the drone is near me while disconnecting Mini4 and connecting the iphone 6 will show you completely a normal live view). Why ?
Also, if you try to Stop the drone at the point above the take off (for focusing the Cam) it will not do it and the Upload button will be activated and all others will be disactivated (like Stop or Continue or RTH)

Finally; which Overlap values do you recommend for an Inclined Terrain ?

Zahi Khawand

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We are aware of the layout conflicts and hope to address that in a big layout change in the future. 

The HD signal is something that used to be used but doesn't do much anymore. It will be removed soon. The RC strength indicator does change. The new aircraft have to be really far away for it to drop even a little bit. This is a good thing!

DJI has added a lot of behind the scenes logging and it has started eating away at the CPU available to apps. That is the likely cause for the video breakup. Make sure that most other apps are closed and disable the Image Footprint setting to free up some CPU. They are both A8 processors but the iPad must be busier doing something else.

If you stop the aircraft before it reaches the first waypoint there will likely be issues.

You can get away with a bit less overlap than usual in steep terrain since the downhill side will cover pretty far down the hill. We always recommend at least 75/75 for anything that you care about.

In the future, please post different topics as different questions to keep the search results relevant.

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