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1- It is usually well noticed that the Drone is returning back very early (Batt @ 42 or 38% at 800 m away, 300 m Height and Landing at 25%) while even it is in flight heading back toward its taking off point. So would it be possible that MP App warn the user that the drone will Return to Home in 10 sec like Dji Go app does ? So the user can Accept or Cancel it (on his own risk) depending on the flight situation (Drone Position/Distance, Direction/Heading, Wind etc...)

2- Shall we Half press the Shutter button repeatedly (Cam Focus) while the drone is in flight surveying a slope (Hill) until the new release comes ? (Stop the Drone, Half press the shutter button then Resume/Continue the mission)

3- The GSD is still showing the P3 value instead of the P4Pro while the P4P is connected already and it is selected inside the settings.

4- The Remote Ctrler and Video signals show 100% without any changement dispite of the drone location.

5- Even if the Drone (P4P) is some meters away from the R. Ctrler, the live view isn't clear (Grey, Yellowish parts like it s far away from you) on the ipad mini 4. 


Zahi Khawand

Official comment


1. The DJI "Smart Battery" triggers this return. It knows how far away it is from the Home Point and how much battery it needs to get home. When it thinks it needs to go home it automatically triggers an RTH. We will not override this behavior. You may need to calibrate your batteries if they are behaving oddly. 

2. If you are using Terrain Awareness the AGL should be roughly the same and not require a new focus. If you are not using Terrain Awareness it wouldn't work anyway. 

3. This will happen if it was a saved mission. If the P4P is selected it will show a GSD of 1.6cm/px at 60 meters and the P3 will show a GSD of 2.5cm/px at 60 meters.

4. The P4P has a MUCH stronger signal than the older aircraft. It drops off but you are to be pretty far away... (3+ km)

5. ? Maybe a hardware/firmware issue. 

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