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App crashing mid flight

We have Phantom 4 and we have been using it quite often. 
From last few times whenever we are flying, the App (drones made easy) crashes mid flight.

Yesterday when we flew, in the mission of 13.55 hectares it crashed around 4-5 times. As we can see the drone, it continues with its mission path but we don't know whether it is still capturing the images or not. So, we had to call it back by pressing the home button on RC.

It was very annoying, please help us to overcome the issue.


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What mobile device are you using? Are you absolutely sure that there are no other drone related apps open?

If it was using the Connectionless mapping setting it would continue to take images.

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We are using iPad mini 4.

Every-time we fly, we always make sure that there is no drone App running behind. 

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That is the exact setup that we do the majority of our testing on and it works perfectly. 

Try using a brand new SD and freshly formatted SD card. Also, try getting a brand new and authentic cable to connect your mobile device to the remote. We have heard about issues caused by knockoff cables.

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