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Sony A7r custom triggering board for M600

You are certainly on top of the game with your innovative map pilot app. Thumps up for you on the break through with your support for the Sony A7r.

Hope you would sooner than later sell the custom made triggering boards separately to most out there who already acquired their M600 kit prior to your news of this hardware.

It appears your condition of getting this hardware is tied to buying the kit from your outfit only. Consider your vast clients who would want to make use of the A7R with their M600 already acquired.

Great work, keep it up.


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We may offer the hardware as a standalone kit down the road but it will likely not be cheap. We designed this solution as a service to our Drones Made Easy customers and it is available to them for almost free. 

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That will be a great kit to have and it certainly must not be cheap. We are eagerly looking forward to its release soon.

Thank you.

Dalali20 0 votes
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We Are im proces of buying a M600 with Ronin MX and the A7R, but since we are from Croatia, we can't buy It from the States. Since we can't buy the trigger separately, sadly it makes your app useless for us.

That's a shame because we were working with It with our P3P and it's by far the best app for mapping.

Perhaps you could make it availible for us to buy it separately.

Thanx im advance and keep on the good work 😊

Dario Finderle 0 votes
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