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I am from Alaska .... I am  trying to get Terrain awareness to work and according to the instructions I need SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global

Unfortunately as far as I can tell this data was only collected at latitudes from 56 Deg South to 60 Deg North....

Thus in my area... this data is not available.  I am assuming that we want the 1 Arc-Second because that is the best GSD for an accurate DTM....

Is there any other Data I can possibly use or am I pretty much done?

Patrick Toms

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As noted here:

The source terrain data is only available between 60 North and 56 South latitudes.

From USGS: "Endeavour orbited Earth 16 times each day during the 11-day mission, completing 176 orbits. SRTM successfully collected radar data over 80% of the Earth's land surface between 60° north and 56° south latitude with data points posted every 1 arc-second (approximately 30 meters)."

If you can point us towards a public and royalty free 1 arc-sec data set that covers the upper latitudes we could look at trying to fill it in. But we need the data from somewhere to be able to serve it...

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