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Blurry Images with Mavic Pro

I have read through a number of the posts on the site but I have not quite landed on the problem I seem to have.

My DJI Mavic Pro takes great photos and video with DJI Go but with automated mapping software, like Map Pilot, the images are all out of focus and unusable essentially. 

My next step will be to take off with DJI Go, take a couple of tests shots and then switch over to Map Pilot while in hover.  This is an attempt to try and get the focus working. 

I notice that the Map Pilot software pulls 1 image on the ground before takeoff and I wonder if that is interfering in some way with the focus at altitude.

This is not a problem with my Phantom 4 and I need to add the issues with the Mavic Pro exist not just with Map Pilot but with other flight planning apps as well for iOS.

Any guidance would be appreciated.  

Thanks !


Mike Montgomery

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The new version (2.3.0) that should be out very soon will have a way to force the focus on P4 Pro, Mavic and X5 (two finger tap on the video preview). This will allow you to pause the mission and do an autofocus even if the autofocus setting is turned off in the settings.

The aircraft will automatically do an autofocus at the point directly over the takeoff point and any further focusing will be up to the user.


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Thank you very much for this update.  That will undoubtedly solve my issue.  You all are on top of it as usual.  I am really impressed with your solutions.  It is very compelling and, with the tech support offered, it is a winner for me.


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The app was just released. It may take a couple hours to show up public but it shouldn't be long.

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