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Import Map Layers into Scopito

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Scopito is an inspection management web software the lets you import maps from 3rd party sources. Here are instructions on how to import map layers created on Maps Made Easy into your Scopito interface. (instructions courtesy of HexCam)


This workflow shows you how to add a custom base map to Scopito. The base layer is generated in Maps Made Easy and the link is then added to the inspection.

Generate the MME Link

Navigate to your map in MME you should see a screen like this

MME Map Detail Screenshot

View the source code on the page using the Developer options. In Chrome it is under View -> Developer -> View Source. 

View -> Developer -> View Source

This will bring up the source code for the webpage. Use cmd (or ctrl) F to open search and search for ‘my_layer’. You should see a bit of code that looks like this:

my_layer = withBoundary(L.tileLayer(‘{x}/a0fc43f737a64b729a77d4f82dc3b43b/4bdb95cf00f84f7c8740abbca6295bcc/{z}/{x}/{y}.png’,

Copy the URL starting with https and ending in .png

Copy the URL

Note the last few characters, particularly the {y}.

Paste the link into Scopito

First, log into the inspection in Scopito and go to the Map Layers

Map Layers

Paste the URL into the top field and change the {y} to {-y}.

Now enter the “Map name” (I use MME) and click Add.


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