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Autel EVO II Support

Tudor -

We are getting ready to publicly release support for the Autel EVO II and all supported cameras. 

There are a number of features of Map Pilot Pro that work well with DJI that are not going to work well with Autel until there are either firmware or SDK updates from Autel. We have reached out to them on a number of occasions and are still working to get functionality clarifications.


Download the Beta version here:

Be sure to download the TestFlight app from the App Store first before clicking this link.


The current state of the app for Beta release of 5.1.0 build 101120211 has the following limitations:

  • REQUIRES AN INTERNET CONNECTION TO CONNECT TO THE AIRCRAFT!!! - We are not happy about this but it is currently how it seems to work.
  • Stops at all waypoints (firmware version dependent, aircraft behavior that we can't do anything about. Autel app does it too.)
  • Gimbal Pointing Weirdness - The gimbal will go up to horizontal on the way to the green dot and then point down once it is mapping.
  • Auto exposure only
  • Auto focus only
  • No Connectionless Mode
  • No Data Transfer
  • No Quick Map
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    Gary L White

    I flew two missions with the previous version (08272021, I think) and the camera did not rotate down to the nadir position, hence all of the photos were horizon shots. Any other reports of that? any fixes or tip since I can't access the camera control tab to rotate the gimble manually.

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    We hit a snag with our submission and are waiting for Autel to get back to us on something. In the meantime please use the latest beta version which is 1001320211. It has a lot of fixes.

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    Gary L White

    The beta version available on TestFlight as of Oct 6 is 100120211. Is there somewhere else I can download 100130211?

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    Sorry 100120211 is right. I mistyped it. The build numbers go by the date.

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    Gary L White



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