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Migrating Mission Plans from Map Pilot to Map Pilot Pro

Tudor -

You downloaded Map Pilot Pro and are ready to get going. Great! But where are your already planned missions? They are still either in the old version of Map Pilot or are synced up to Maps Made Easy. 

Here are the steps required to move all of your missions from one app to another. 


Sync Mission Plans from Map Pilot/Map Pilot Lite/Map Pilot Business up to Maps Made Easy

  1. Make sure that 'Mission Plan Sync' is enabled in the Map Pilot settings. IMG_6757.PNG
  2. Press the 'Sync' button (which should now be enabled) in the Mission Plans screen. IMG_6758.PNG
  3. Mission Plans that are not currently on the device will be downloaded.IMG_6760.PNG
  4. Mission Plans that are not currently on the server will be sent. IMG_6761.PNG
  5. You will see the whole list of all the Mission Plans you have ever synced when complete.IMG_6762.PNG

Sync the Mission Plans from Maps Made Easy to Map Pilot Pro

  1. The steps in Map Pilot Pro are pretty much the same. Make sure 'Mission Plan Sync' is enabled in the settings.  IMG_6763.PNG
  2. Hit 'Sync' in the top right corner of the Mission Plans screen. IMG_6764.PNG
  3. The Mission Plans on the Maps Made Easy servers will be downloaded.IMG_6765.PNG
  4. The Mission Plans screen will now show the synced missions with previews. IMG_6766.PNG
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