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Aircraft Errors

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With Map Pilot Pro you scan see hardware issues onboard the aircraft with the Aircraft Errors panel. This pane can be accessed by tapping the exclamation triangle up by the flight controls slide out. 



This triangle will show white when there are no new alerts in the last 10 seconds. It will show orange when there are new errors.

The Aircraft Errors panel shows how many times a message has been thrown by the system, the text of the error and the last time which is was thrown. 

In this example it is saying that the vision system needs to be calibrated which is a common error. This particular flight took off from grass and the aircraft was not level at the time of takeoff so the "Drone is Tilted" message is being shown regularly. The big issue here is that the aircraft is reporting strong winds. This is not something that should be ignored. 





For display of errors after a flight is over the 'DJI Diagnostics' column of the affected log files will display the cause of any issues after the fact. 

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    I have noticed quite a few gimbal disconnected and mc board connection errors arising. Also, I believe it said drone encoder issue.
    I'm using a P4P v2 that is only a few months old. Are these common errors?

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    Uav Tablet id

    Battery temperature is very important when I using P4Pro in hot days.
    We must check battery temperature more than 70 degrees!
    Please add battery temperature in this windows.
    When I want to check temperature, must close map pilot and switch to dji go4, but this is not good.

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    I calibrated the Vision System and disabled it in the Go4 app (which I assume disables it in MapPilot, but maybe not?????) and am still getting multiple Vision System errors. I see it noted that Vision System errors are common. So is this just a bug I can just ignore???

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    Map Pilot does not disable the vision system. Some people want it and other don't. Most mapping users are flying high enough that it doesn't matter. If it is being triggered up high it is related to the sun and lens flares. Clean your optics SUPER well and it shouldn't be an issue. If you are flying high just turn it off. If the vision system detect something during flight it kicks you out of programmed flight.

    Vision System errors are super common right at takeoff/landing.

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    Copy that. To be clear, what I meant was if I disable the VPS in the Go 4 app, is it persistent and REMAIN off in MapPilot. Clearly the answer is "yes." If I recall, I had all the VPS turned off sans the landing VPS. I'll just disable that, too, as I never use VPS anyway.


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