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    Arthur Moehrke

    Is it possible to adjust the in flight speed independantly of the Approach/Return flight speed? I had a situation where I wanted to fly at 5m/s, due to reduced light conditions, rather than 6.4m/s in flight but still fly to and from start at 15m/s. I need to maintain a minimum 80m flight altitude.

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    Arthur Moehrke

    Something else that would be great is the ability to set the Approach/Return heights. For example: in flight heigth set to 80m but Approach/Return heights set to 120m so when it cuts across country I can be sure it will clear any obstacles

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    This question was answered via email yesterday. Please make sure email addresses are whitelisted with your email provider.

    The approach and return values can be set to a higher value than the imaging part of the flight path but it can't be set lower.

    For example, if the imaging settings give you an 8 m/s flight speed you can set the approach and return to be up to 15 m/s but if you lower it it will also lower the imaging flight path's speed.

    There is no way to have the approach and return speed be lower than the flight path's speed.

    For the heights you could use the Terrain Awareness feature which does adjust the RTH height if needed.

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