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Sampling Missions

Tudor -

Map Pilot AG allows for low altitude field sub-sampling flights which result in high resolution images to enable accurate stand count values. This fast and low flight covers large amounts of ground quickly at a defined sampling rate. A 30 meter safety buffer is maintained to stay clear of the edges of a field which may have trees or obstacles around the edges. 

The survey height can be define using the normal 'Altitude' slider on the left (second from the bottom). This value can be set as low as 10 meters to enable high resolution images. 

New with this mode is an approach and return 'Safe Height'. The 'Safe Height' can be selected in the 'Safe' tab. The Safe Height is also used for excursions outside the designated flight area. Flight that occurs at the Safe Height is shown in green. These up-and-over areas are intended to clear trees and obstacles around the edges of the field. 


The up-and-over flight sections can be enabled/disabled using the 'Survey Area' switch which says that everything that is being flown should be done at the designated survey height. 


As in Normal mapping mission where the overlap values are designated, Sampling Missions allow users to designate a field sampling rate along and across the path of travel. Selecting a 25% sampling rate will cover a quarter of the data in each direction, along and across track. Selecting 25% for both directions corresponds to covering 1/16th of the field. 


Terrain Awareness can be used make sure that safe flight altitudes are being used even in rolling terrain. It is also helpful for checking that the safe height and survey height sections are being set appropriately. The altitude plot can be pressed to show a pale blue dot that shows the altitude at any location in the planned flight.





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