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SkyWatch On-Demand Liability Insurance

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SkyWatch offers pay-as-you-go liability insurance for professional drone operations. Map Pilot can pass your flight plan directly along to SkyWatch to get immediate quotes. These quotes are tailored specifically to where you are flying, exactly how long you need coverage for, and what coverage levels your customer requires. 

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Any time a new mission is uploaded to the the aircraft or is saved for future use, users are prompted with the opportunity to have the flight plan quoted by SkyWatch. 

To get quotes and establish coverage, offers can only be made while there is an active internet connection and the flight plan is within the areas that are currently covered by SkyWatch (US only). Policies can be purchased for future use while offline. 

The area and altitude that get quoted are drawn directly from your Map Pilot mission planning by taking the survey area boundary markers and home point into account. A smaller buffer zone is added to ensure proper coverage. This is shown in the next two images:




If the user is no longer interested in receiving insurance quotes they can opt-out after it being presented to them three times.  To reenable the quotes, the user can elect to uncheck the "Disable Insurance Quotes" in the settings. No flight path information is sent to SkyWatch without being logged in with a SkyWatch account and pressing 'Get Insured'.



The 'Sign Up' link will forward you to download the SkyWatch app if you don't already have it downloaded. From there you can give SkyWatch your information and set up and account. This login is all that is needed to get insurance coverage in the future. 



Once logged in, the user can select when the planned flight will take place, the duration, and the desired liability limits for the policy. There is a checklist on the right side that shows the logged in user's credentials and provides details on what is covered.  





With the credit card information that is on file the policy is purchased and is active immediately if 'Now!' was the selected start time. An insurance certificate that clearly states the coverage levels, duration, and coverage area of the policy is emailed to the user's email account after purchase. 



A grey line is drawn to show active policy coverage areas and their remaining time in force. 






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