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Custom Terrain Source for Terrain Awareness

Tudor -

For most flights, the SRTM data is good enough. But for when the flight needs to be super low or the terrain has cliffs, steep slopes, or structures it may help to have some more resolution.

To handle these new potential sources, we have added a selector that tells you the name of the source, how many sources are available, and what the GSD of the sources is. 

Steps to create a Terrain Aware Flight with an alternate data source:

  1. Lay out your flight.
  2. Open the Terrain Awareness panel in the Options Menu. The purple dot that denotes the takeoff location or the aircraft location's red triangle is required to pull the list of surrounding maps. All maps within 1 km will be shown.
  3. Select the elevation data source. SRTM is selected by default, is global, and has a GSD of 30m/pixel.


As long as you have a valid Maps Made Easy user Access Password in the settings Map Pilot will pull all local data sources from your account and supply them as terrain data source options. This Access Password is available at




All flight is done relative to the data source so the takeoff location and all waypoints must be within the covered area.

All terrain data is loaded from Maps Made Easy. In the future we plan on adding the capability to upload arbitrary DEMs but currently the only source is jobs that have been processed by Maps Made Easy.

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