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Service Level Mismatch

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If you get a message about a Service Level Mismatch that means you are trying to use a feature that is not part of your current subscription tier. This could be because you have not paid for access to the higher tier of features, because your subscription or access has expired, or because the feature was able to be previewed but not flown with. 


The official feature matrix can be found here:


Subscription Expiration

Check the expiration date that shows how long you will have access to that tier. Once the expiration date is passed the Service Level will show as 'Free' and you will only have access to the Free level features shown in the matrix that is linked to above. This could also be cause by payment failure. 


Access Expiration

Your device needs to resync its subscription information every so often and it needs to be connected to the Internet to do so. Map Pilot Pro attempts to do this automatically at certain times but for devices that primarily live offline this can be an issue. Forcing it to resync can be accomplished by hitting the 'Sync' button in the Maps Made Easy section of the Map Pilot Pro Settings. Make sure that when you do that the service level that is displayed is what you would expect it to be. 


Change In Subscription

Another time that the automated service level updates can be an issue is if you have just made a change to your subscription level and it hasn't been synced yet. You can force it to resync by hitting the 'Sync' button in the Maps Made Easy section of the Map Pilot Pro Settings. 


Preview Access

Some features are available to be previewed but not flown with unless you have access to its feature tier. Previewable features include:

  • Grid Missions
  • Linear Missions
  • Sampling Missions 
  • Spot Missions
  • Terrain Awareness
  • Premium Terrain Awareness

You can lay out missions with these features so you can see how they work but unless you have the appropriate subscription tier you won't be able to take off with it. 

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