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The Maps Made Easy User API makes it easy to integrate Maps Made Easy's processing into your own applications. 

Maps Made Easy provides an API (Application Program Interface) to automate the submission of jobs for processing and give programmatic access to all of the data that is created using the normal browser-based job submission workflows.

The goal of the API is to allow high volume users and businesses to integrate Maps Made Easy's processing into their own business workflows. The API is not intended for casual users or students.

All jobs posted via the API require purchased Maps Made Easy points. There is no free processing with the API. Minimal individual support will be provided. All support requests should go through the discussion forum at



  • Submitted jobs are available in the normal Maps Made Easy interface and via the API.
  • Web Interface for testing commands.
  • Supports Session and Token Authentication.
  • Programmable dry run runtime for testing simulated jobs.
  • User designated data source (Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage).
  • User designated data destination (Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage).



Post a Job

The following curl command will start a 132 point job called "Job Name" and a description of "Job Description". The data will be pulled for a publicly accessible AWS S3 bucket called "S3_BUCKET_NAME" with a key path of "S3_BUCKET_PATH".

curl -H "Authorization: Token THIS_IS_YOUR_USER_API_TOKEN" 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{"internal_id": "This is my internal job ID code.",
"name": "Job Name",
"description": "Job Description",
"source_storage_type": 1,
"source_storage_bucket": "S3_BUCKET_NAME",
"source_storage_path": "S3_BUCKET_PATH",
"submitted_point_total": 132}' 

Since there is no Destination Storage provided all outputs will be stored for the usual 30 days by Maps Made Easy.


Check Job Status

The following curl command will request a paginated list of all the user's jobs in the JSON format.

curl -H "Authorization: Token THIS_IS_YOUR_USER_API_TOKEN"


API Access Criteria

  • Valid Maps Made Easy account
  • Processed at least 5 successful jobs
  • Expert-level proficiency with Maps Made Easy. Expert-level users can diagnose issues with their own maps based on source image inspection and the provided overlap reports.
  • Approved by Maps Made Easy for API Access
  • Ability to put data in to, and get data from, either Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.
  • Programming proficiency
  • Business case and intent to run high volumes of jobs. The API is not intended for tinkerers or students.


API Access Process

  • Fill out this online form to let us know a bit about your application and intended use case:
  • Access status can be found in the user's Account Profile page as noted "API User: Yes/No".
  • Maps Made Easy staff will review the requesting account's recent jobs for level of success and understanding of the process. Maps Made Easy reserves the right to revoke API access at any time.


API Limitations

  • There is no free processing. All jobs consume purchased Maps Made Easy points.
  • All source imagery must have valid EXIF data.
  • NDVI processing is not currently available.
  • Expedited and ASAP service are not currently available.
  • Point refunds will not be provided for API use mistakes. 
  • Point refunds will not be provided in cases where the source data did not have sufficent overlap or imagery was of poor quality.




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