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KML Outputs

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Tag Pilot creates the most detailed KML outputs available for documenting what your aircraft was looking at when a picture was taken. By combining our Terrain Awareness feature with the aircraft's telemetry Tag Pilot can accurately pinpoint where a single image lines up with the ground.

Download the "sample.kml" and "TagPilot-10-13-2016_09-47-26.kml" to check them out or see a flyby in this video:


The following screenshot shows the locations where images were taken with the grey dots and the footprint of where the camera is currently looking with the green area. The image footprint and file name is recorded with every image. The camera's image is not real since this was done using a simulator.


The created KML can be reloaded into the main Tag Pilot screen to show coverage areas. The red pins are locations where images were taken previously and the green areas again show where on the ground the camera was looking. The standard user created markers show as normal.


KML versions of the CSV log files can be viewed within the app as well but only one KML file can be shown at one time.

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    aaron pavlicek

    How to I get kml file from photos taken with map pilot app?

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