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View GeoTiff with Google Earth Pro

Tudor -

To view GeoTiff images with Google Earth the Pro version must be used. This version can be downloaded and registered for use by using your email address and the registration key "GEPFREE". 

Once downloaded and opened, you can select the GeoTiff file that is created using Maps Made Easy to open it. Depending on the size it may prompt you to create a Super Overlay (which is really just a bunch of smaller KMZ files) to view at native resolution or Scale to just make it viewable.


If you select "Create Super Overlay" make sure you create or select an empty folder to put all the little files that get generated into. 

The Super Overlap will be draped over the existing Google Earth terrain model.


If "Scale" is selected, the image can either be shown as a flat image (the altitude will likely need to be manually adjusted) or it will be scaled and then draped over the terrain by selecting the "Clamped to Ground" option which is found by right clicking on the layer in the project explorer window and selecting "Get Info". This is usually enough for a lot of uses.



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