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Opening a KML from Email

Tudor -

It is possible open KML files that are sent to the mobile device. KML files are a great way to define flight area boundaries in Google Earth where the basemap coverage is often way more up to date than it is with Map Pilot's standard Apple Maps basemap.

As of version 4.1.10, you could also define a polygon, line string, or set of pushpins in Google Earth and import it into Map Pilot as you normally would (via Email or AirDrop) but rename the file from sample.kml to sample_boundary.kml to import as boundaries and linear flight plans. Adding the _boundary to the filename tells the system to import is as boundary definitions instead of just guidelines. The imported data will show up in the File Manager screen. 

Use Files to copy the file to the Map Pilot folder and open the File Manager screen. Do not open the file from Files.

The following steps should be used for loading and viewing the received KML files:

NOTE: Do the following steps with the Map Pilot application already open.

Tap on the file icon in the email



Tap on the open file button in the top right of the text file view of the KML file


Select "Copy to Map Pilot" to open the file with


Enjoy fully featured KML files to use as your guide in Map Pilot.

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    Just curious as to if the kml can only be opened from an email?
    or can I file sync it and open from storage?

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    Files, Email and AirDrop all work.

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    Gotta say, I sync'd a few kml's yesterday and this works a treat. no need for email client just added via itunes and the kmls appeared file manager. easy as and sooooo useful

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    Ameth Vargas

    Ya pude hacer cargar mi kml, lo primero que deben hacer es lo siguiente descargar el kml ya sea del correo de icloud, gmail o el que tengan una vez esta en su ipad, ingresan por el administrador de archivos de su ipad y van a descargas, toman el archivo y lo cambian de ubicación, de icloud drive, a ipad donde encontraran la carpeta map pilot, ingresan a esta y pegan el KML, por ultimo abren la app map pilot y por filemanager encuentran el kml y eso es todo.

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