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Upload Issues - Bandwidth Testing

Tudor -

If you are experiencing issues uploading your images, please visit the following link and let us know what the numbers are. This will help us determine the quality of the connection from the uploading computer to the target server.

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    Simon Reiter

    Numbers are as follows:
    Downlink (kb1-128kb) 2.5 Mb/s
    Downlink (256kb-10MB) 4.64 Mb/s
    Latency 198.5ms

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    wesley hall

    Downlink [256KB - 10MB] = 4.34
    Downlink [1 - 128KB] = 2.07
    Latency = 172ms

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    Amir Aloni - Aerial photography

    I am in a process of uploading 1192 photo's. For some photo's the download failed. the network is OK.
    what is the problem.
    I need the map regent and I payed for points. I hope to fix the problem

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    Bryan Graves

    Downlink - 8.68
    Downlink - 4.96
    Latency - 106.5

    About 1/3 of the files upload correctly. Can we get an option to have it upload 1 at a time instead of doing 3 images in parallel?

    First saw issues 10/30 and seems to have gotten worse over the weekend. Same issue when uploading from home with a different browser+computer+ISP.

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