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Enable Narrow Field of View Overlap Calculation - MFT Focal Length

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Enable Narrow Field of View Overlap Calculation

Basically, if you don't have an Inspire 1 Pro, don't touch it unless you are trying to evaluate the benefits and differences of using the Inspire 1 Pro's lens options.

As of Map Pilot version 1.4.0, we have added support for the Inspire 1 Pro and X5 camera. Previously, all of the other DJI cameras have the same focal length and sensor dimensions we never had to add a way to differentiate previously since the overlap calculations were the same.

With the addition of X5 support and its capability to use various lenses with different focal lengths we had to add a setting to handle it. This setting allows the user to define what their setup is since the DJI SDK doesn't currently allow this to be determined automatically. It also has to be set properly when planning missions before connecting to the aircraft.

When an X5 camera is detected Map Pilot will automatically enable the narrow field of view calculations using the selected lens focal length.

NOTE: Care has to be taken when caching maps for offline use to make sure that the appropriate lens settings are in place since the mission will not be recalculated when the cached map is recalled.

MFT Focal Length

Micro Four Thirds (MFT) is the mirrorless DSLR lens standard that is used by the X5 camera. The MFT standard has a shorter flange focal distance (or back focal length) than most other small format lenses.

The MFT Focal Length setting is the focal length in millimeters that is read from the front ring of the lens. This value determines the amount of zoom a lens has. The longer the focal length, the narrow the field of view of the lens.

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