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The Settings section of the Map Detail page allows the map's owner to change how the map is displayed and contains some general purpose settings.


Email Notifications


The "Email Notifications" settings is enabled by default. If the user does not wish to get status updates for a newly uploaded job via email this setting can be disabled.


Default Center Latitude

The "Default Center Latitude" setting is a number that defines the latitude of the center of the displayed area. If a map contains a specific area of interest that the owner would like to show initially the latitude part of the coordinate can be entered here. A right click on the map can be used to get the coordinates of any location in the Map Detail page's map. This coordinate can be used as the default center.


Default Center Longitude

The "Default Center Longitude" setting is a number that defines the longitude of the center of the displayed area.


Basemap Zoom Limit

Tiled web maps like the ones Maps Made Easy creates and ones that are used as existing basemaps control their level of detail by specifically defined zoom levels. The zoom level of 4 is appropriate for showing the entire United States. Zoom level 11 is appropriate for showing an entire large city. Zoom level 19 is appropriate for showing a city block.

The "Basemap Zoom Limit" setting is a integer number selection that defines how zoomed in the 3rd party basemap can go. The default value is 19. Most of the US and Europe has basemap coverage down to a zoom level of 19. A lot of other areas might only have it down to 17 or 15. Most imagery processed with Maps Made Easy will have a maximum zoom level of 20-22.

For high levels of zoom like those created with Maps Made Easy there is no basemap coverage available. When this occurs, the basemap will appear as a black background. In order to have something there instead of a black background it is important to set the "Basemap Zoom Limit" to whatever the maximum value for that region is.



Default Zoom Level

The "Default Zoom Level" setting is a number that can be set to define how zoomed in the map should initially be when it is displayed. The default setting is the maximum zoom level of the generated map - 2 (probably 18 to 20). The higher the number, the more zoomed in it is.


Enable Address Lookup

The "Enable Address Lookup" setting enables the display of an address or city search bar to find specific locations on the created map. This search bar will be shown in both private and public views of the map.


Elevation Layer is Default


The "Elevation Layer is Default" setting being enabled will make it so the elevation layer is shown by default instead of the photographic layer. This is disabled by default.



The "Notes" section is a text entry area that is there for the map's owner to take notes on the conditions under which the data was taken. This information is not available anywhere outside the Map Detail page.

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