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Creating a Location Map

Tudor -

A Location Map is intended to be a multi layered map of a single location like the Construction Progress map on our samples page. 

As you can see by hiding and showing the various layer in the layer control in the top right corner, there are four "Overlays" in this map that show the progress of the construction of a Walmart Supercenter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There are "two Basemaps" available to help users get their bearings on the whereabouts of the map.

A Location Map can be created by going to the "Locations" header in the navigation bar once you are logged in as a Maps Made Easy user. From there, click "New Location" to create a new Location Map. 

A name, a description and at least one "Overlay and one "Basemap" is required to be able to save the new Location Map.

From there, you can add whatever basemaps and overlays you want by dragging the boxes with the names of the layers from the options boxes on the left to the empty boxes on the right. Once they are on the right, you can shuffle the order however you would like them to be displayed as well. When finished, hit the "Save Location Map" button to be able to view it. The layers and order of them can be modified later by using the same dragging of the boxes.

This image shows the Location Map setup for the sample above. You can see the grey boxes for the "Earth" and "Streets" basemaps have been added with the "Earth" one being on top which makes it the default. The four orange boxes for the overlays that show the construction progress have been dragged from the left to the right and ordered appropriately.

Many users have used Location Maps for combining adjacent jobs to create super large maps. When doing this, it is important to define the default center coordinate or the map or one generated by averaging all the overlay middles will be used.


Another sample:

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    Scott Montgomery

    Where in the process would I define the default center coordinate when combining adjacent jobs?

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    After you create it you can adjust the centering using the 'Default Center Latitude' and 'Default Center Longitude' in the Location Map's Settings.

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    Scott Montgomery

    If I am creating one large map from two adjacent jobs, would I locate the center in the overlap area of the two maps?

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    I've just started using the Location feature. It's FANTASTIC. My clients will love this. Thanks!

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