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Sony a7R camera Settings

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When using Map Pilot and DJI equipment it is important to ensure your software is up to date and on the correct settings. The Sony a7R camera is no exception. We recognize not everyone is an expert using the Sony a7R so included below is a list of important* and suggested camera settings for readying the Sony a7R for Map Pilot flight. 



Step 1. 

Quick Menu Guide

Set top camera wheel to AUTO.

Press “Fn” button to bring up quick settings menu.

Set “Drive Mode” to Single Shot.

Set "Flash Mode" to off.

Set “Focus Mode” to AF-S or Single Shot Auto Focus.

Set “Shoot Mode” to Intelligent Auto (green "i" next to camera icon).


Step 2.

Press Menu button: Important setting denoted by *. 

Camera Icon:

*Image size to L:36M

*Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Quality: Extra fine

File Format: AVCHD

Record Setting: 60i 17M(FH)

Drive Mode: Single Shooting

*Flash Mode: Off

AF Illuminator: Auto

Lock-On AF: Off

*Auto Mode: Intelligent Auto

Color Space: sRGB

Auto Slow Shut.: On

Wind Noise Reduct: Off


Settings Icon:

Zebra: Off

MF Assistant: On

*Auto Review: Off

*Peaking Level: Off

Peaking Color: White

Exposure Set. Guide: On

Pre-AF: On

*Zoom Setting: Optical Zoom Only


Release w/o Lens: Enable

*AF w/ Shutter: On

AEL w/ Shutter: Auto

EXP. Comp. Set: Ambient & Flash


WIFI Icon:

**Airplane mode to ON. NEVER fly with wifi on!


Final Settings CASE:

Monitor Brightness: Manual

Viewfinder Bright: Auto

Finder Color Temp: +_ 0

Audio signals: On

Title Menu: Off

HDMI Resolution: Auto



*Remote Ctrl: Off


Once the Sony a7R is properly set up you can mount the camera with confidence and begin use with Map Pilot and Drone Made Easy Triggering Board.

Be sure to read the "Startup Procedure":


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    Hi, is it possible to fly with the Flash Mode to On? I want to use the flash output to trigger PPK GNSS hardware. Thanks

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