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Phantom 4 Pro vs Phantom 3 Pro

Tudor -

Detail level calculations can be checked in Map Pilot but the general guideline is that the P3/X3 cameras got 2.5 cm GSD at 60 meters and the Phantom 4 Pro gets 1.6 cm at the same height.

The difference between the P3 and the P4P is this:

Taken with the P3 from 60 meters


Same bush taken with Phantom 4 Pro from 60 meters.

Keep in mind that these are snapshots from Maps Made Easy web maps (not the native resolutions). The Phantom 4 Pro was a whole zoom layer closer and it was still larger in the higher zoom layer. 

The change from the Phantom 3 Pro to Phantom 4 Pro corresponds to about 2.5X more pixels on target.

Also, everything comes out a lot flatter and more repeatable. Much finer vertical details are shown with the smaller GSD.


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