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What makes Maps Made Easy Different?

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What makes Maps Made Easy Different?

  • Free Processing - Most users never pay a dime.
  • Flexible Payment - Subscription fatigue? We are pay-as-you-go. No commitments.
  • All The Files, All The Time - No additional fees to get all the "Export" files.
  • Highest Resolution Available - No Resolution Limits. We don't mangle your data to make the processing cheaper.
  • Largest Project Size Available - Upload up to 7500 images per job.
  • Fastest Processing - No other service provides all your pixels and all of the outputs so quickly.
  • Full 3D Processing - Do advanced structure renderings that show verticals and overhangs.
  • Free Volume Measurements - Even on maps that are processed for free.
  • Automated Upload to Top-Notch Services - Sketchfab, Box and Dropbox integrations.
  • Easy Sharing and Embedding - Post your creations on social media, share with a customer or embed it in your own site.



Designed for Businesses

  • Your Data Is Yours - We are not hoarding data for who-knows-what down the road.
  • Supercomputer Access - Cloud computing puts massive computing power at your fingertips.
  • Custom Branding - Put your own logo on your maps, not ours.
  • Track Changes Over Time - Arrange layers taken over time to tell the full story. Capture recurring business.
  • Job Submission API - Use our processing power to enabled your own great applications and services.
  • Seamless Embedding - Embed (iFrame) your maps and models in your site without the need to rehost. No one will ever know.
  • Agricultural Processing - Accurate NDVI processing at no extra cost.
  • Interoperability - Standards-based outputs make our outputs ready for your finishing touches.

This stockpile volume was RTK measured to be 10,000m³. Maps Made Easy calculated it to be 10,057.50 m³, or within about .5% of the hand measured value in a fraction of the time and cost.


Map Pilot for DJI - Industry leading app with unique capabilities

  • Terrain Awareness to maintain a constant altitude above ground and maintain ground resolution.
  • Purpose-built terrain data system designed with offline flight and mobile networks in mind.
  • Linear mission planning for surveying roads, rivers and pipelines.
  • Managed triggering to provide the most accurate results available.
  • Connectionless triggering for areas where signal strength is a problem.
  • Offline operation with cached basemap and terrain data for when connectivity is not available.
  • Extensive logging that is compatible with various online log file analysis tools.
  • Import KML files as guidelines when the existing basemaps are inadequate for mission planning.
  • Easy log file sharing with email and AirDrop.
  • JPG and RAW capture.




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